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Anton Frederiks

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About Me


Anton Frederiks




(0031) 6 15067038

Date of Birth:

9 September 1989


Ceintuurbaan 10, Zwolle, Netherlands



My name is Anton Frederiks and I am a passionate and enthusiastic manager.

Thanks to my mentality and 8 years of experience. I know how to get things done. In my view the employees are the engine of the organization and very important! As a pro-active people manager I motivate and inspirate our people to go above and beyond the targets of the company.

I hope you will be excited after reading my resume.

Yours sincerely, Anton Frederiks

My Work Experience




Company ZERO & Dance Inc.

2017 - until now


From then on I started to add more structure, activities and recruit more members with success we grew 100% in 2 years

After that, we focused on quality and growth, which resulted in 17 locations where hundreds of children and young people can exercise safely and be themselves.

1000 member is the goal for 2020!

Foundation Dance Inc.

2012 to 2017


Foundation Dance Inc is a organisation that is focust on helping the youth through sportactivities. In 2011 i was asked to become a teacher for the foundation in 2012 I decided to become manager. From then on I started to add more structure, activities and recruit more members with success we grew 300% in 5 years

Foundation The Gift City

2015 to 2016

Project manager

Foundation ‘De Gift City’ is a organisation for less fortunate people.  With a few stores in one big-building. Along with a select team we’ve devolloped  the foundations of the ‘city’ and established a number of sustainable partnerships which continue to help the organization.

HEM Fysio Gorredijk

2010 to 2011

Groupleader and instructor

HEM Fysio is a professional facility for people with disabilities and people in rehabilitation. As a groupleader and instructor i was responsible for individual and group advancement of adults and seniors with a special rehabilitation program.


School of Business and Sales

2004 to 2005

College of Groevenbeek

Study program: Sales, arithmetic, mathematics, history, biology, chemistry, engineering and business.
Languages: ​​English, French, German and Dutch

School of Business and Administration

2005 - 2008

College of  Ichthus

Study program: Administration, accounting, business and ICT
Languages: ​​English and Dutch

Gymnastic academy

2008 - 2010

College of CIOS

Study program: Training athletes – gymnastics – acrogym and trampolining – organizing events – make training plans and execution – career and citizenship – judge
Languages: ​​English and Dutch

Fitness Health and Managament

2010 - 2011

College of CIOS

Study program: Training pro athletes – personal training – organizing events – make training plans and execution – career and citizenship – control groups and enhance participants
Languages: ​​English and Dutch

I am good at

My Skills

My Skills

My Professional Strength

The strength of a man’s virtue should not be measured by his special exertions, but by his habitual acts.


Dear investor!

By the time I was 19, I was already a successful freelancer because of my different and efficient vision on business and contact with people.

In my opinion things could be achieved much faster and better in less time.
While other students began a job after they finished the traditional 4 year study, I completed two studies in only 2.5 years.

So if you are looking for an professional manager who is efficient and structured, then I’m your guy who will take the company to the next level..


  • Decisive and result-oriented
  • Sense of urgency
  • Forward-looking vision
  • Motivating others



Pretty Good


Management skills

As a manager you have to know where your strenght is and where  to find room for improvement. My best feature is making and leading a passionate team.





My Featured Work

My Portfolio

My Portfolio
Look at their opinions!



Anton is a true entrepreneur who knows what he is talking about. He is a professional in his field and has proven this to many people. The nice thing about him is that he is an inspirational guest and his not afraid to say anything. These characteristics put him firmly on the map for many people. Super commercial, lots of humor and knowledge. It would not surprise me if he is a future market leader.

Robin Visser

Owner Managerdirect.nl

Edwin van Veluwen, founder and owner VanVeluwen Designs
Anton Frederiks was the person who introduced me to the business world. Entrepreneurship was completely new to me and Anton has succeeded to give me the necessary information within a short time so I could start independently. I have recently founded my own company , thanks to Anton, Anton, i would like to thank you for your dedication, your professionalism and your patience! "

Edwin van Veluwen

CEO van Veluwen Designs

Anne Fijma, In the short time we worked together I met Anton as an enthusiastic and inquisitive fellow. If Anton says he does something you can rely on it.

Anne Fijma

Director Foundation Gift City

Anton Frederiks is an entrepreneur in the making, visionary with vigor and a source of knowledge.
Anton is the type of entrepreneur who wants to help everyone without compromising his own core values.
If you are looking for an innovative entrepreneur with courage who performs his work with pleasure (regardless of time)

Martijn Wilbrink


I was surprised how easily Anton could motivate a group of 450 students to do the morning excercises, while these students had been awake all night long.
His authenticity and pureness are a great experience. With his tough appearance and style he is able to make good connections with all kinds of youth and people.
It was very pleasant to work with him because he has a great working attitude and is always fully committed.

Herman Weelink

Organisator night 4 uganda

Professional and always with a smile. Anton is a man you can rely on. His communication is very smooth. He is flexible and is a quick learner. Overall, very nice collaboration!

Kim van der Heyden